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In compliance to SEBI's order we are not soliciting business for four months however,
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CapitalVia Global Research Limited (Investment Advisor) is a renowned pure play financial market research and consulting company. We are the most eminent market players in research space, where we focus upon the fundamental and technical analysis of financial market instruments to convert raw data and information into market experts judgment. Our reseach team deals with real time data analysis heading towards thorough understanding of market dynamics. We are one of the most trusted brand in industry as we maintain all standards of delivering great accuracy on recommendations provided to our customers in Equity & Commodity segment, using all digital platforms.

We are an enriched and full-fledged technology driven company seeking continual growth through cut throat competitive advantages arising from strong brand, possessing unmatched credibility and market leadership across the industry. We have a team of highly qualified and well equipped research analysts who are prominently known for their analysis. Our analysts, use their knowledge and experience with latest software tools, for predicting the movements in financial market on time with remarkable accuracy. Our expertise in industry helps us stand out of the crowd while sharing the most valued lessons absolutely free for all financial market traders. We help them enhance their revenue while creating awareness about professional financial market trading in India like most of the developed economies in the world do and offer value proposition to them.

Recognizing the industry performance, CapitalVia has been awarded with many crowning achievements by Red Herring, Deloitte, ET Now and Franchise India in last 3 years. Company has also progressed towards revolutionizing International research, B2B consulting to addressing corporate emerging needs, webinar for newly board traders and help splendidly via customer education program for traders on regular basis to educate them about rational trading nuances.

Company has grown mightily since inception and upholds deep integration with business goals aligning with its vision to be become "A 50,000 people organization delighting customers globally through integrity, intelligence & energy". Currently, CapitalVia is a strong entity with 750+ team size with over 60+ people in core Research and has operational offices in India.