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Celebrating World Emoji Day at CapitalVia

20 July 2019

Emoji have become an irreplaceable part of our digital lives. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an emoji can convey emotions better than an eloquent sentence. In today’s speedy world, the emoji has rightly saved all of us plenty of keystrokes and screen taps.

World Emoji Day is celebrated on July 17. We can trace the origin of the day back in 2014 when the founder of Emojipedia, Jeremy Burge created it. Emojipedia is an emoji reference website which documents the common usage as well as the meaning of emoji characters. CapitalVia celebrated the day with a fun activity. The preparation for the celebration started the day before when the Admin team decorated the whole office in vibrant yellow balloons with the smile emoji. The dress code for the day was yellow and black. On entering the office premises, every employee was greeted with am emoji batch that they flaunted. The balloons, badges and everyone’s attire made the day very memorable.

For the evening activity, there were a total of seven teams of five members each. All the members were picked from different departments and job roles. The teams were named uniquely. The names of the teams were, Igniters, Spartans, Kingsman, Cowboys, Avengers, Panda and Warriors.

The activity was very interactive. Each team was presented with a set of five emojis and they had to sing a song which best described the emotion the emoji stood for. There was a time limit of 25 seconds during which the teams had to identify the emotion and sing the initial few lines of the song. For every emoji conveyed correctly through an appropriate song, the team got one point on the board.

The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone participating and the audience, even more so. There were hearty cheers, and everybody encouraged the teams to give it their best shot. Everybody sang and danced along to the humming of the teams.

All the teams gave each other a very close competition. In the final round, it was a deciding match between the Warriors, whose team members were, Harsha V Gopal, Kumar Ankit, Anshu Saurabh, Nishant Raja and Mohit Bagati and the Kingsmen whose team members were Sanchit Mishra, Steffy Shaji Mathew, Priyanka Singh, Pawan Kumar, Singampalli Naveen.

The Warriors, true to their name put up a great effort against the Kingsmen. However, The Kingsmen reigned supreme and won the game.

Shubham Singh, a new joinee who participated actively said that he was thankful for the HR team for the wonderful opportunity. He further chimed that the event was quite fun, and he enjoyed a lot. “Being a new joinee in CapitalVia, I got the chance to interact with my colleagues. These types of events motivate us to perform well and groom our overall personality," he added.

Forming a consensus, Tushar Jain, another new joinee said, "It was an enriching experience where the recently joined batch brainstormed and collaborated to make this event successful. It helped to create a fun filled environment during our work hours where we were suddenly singing songs and celebrating the power of emotions at the same time."

The team Kingsmen took home the prize for the activity which proved to be quite refreshing and energizing making CVians ready to take on their tasks with a fresh mind.

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