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Diwali Celebration at CapitalVia

6 Nov 2019

Twinkling lights of the earthen diyas, dazzling attire oozing fashion and festivity, cheerful smiles spreading a happy exuberance and a festive fervor enveloping the air formed the elements of the Diwali week celebration at the office of CapitalVia Global Research Limited over the last three working days before the main festival of Lakshmi Poojan.

The office had been decorated six days in advance with cut outs of beautiful and colorful Rangolis, crackers cut out of Styrofoam, the auspicious shubh-labh symbols and other decoration items marking Diwali. Flower hangings dressed the office’s ceilings and cascaded upon the CapitalVia family members. Paper hangings added a dash of color in the same and tiny fairy lights glowed on the saplings and plants within the office.

CVians also came in festive clothing from the Wednesday preceding Diwali to Saturday the day of Roop Chaudas, when the beauty in the office was at its peak with women wearing saree and men coming in Dhoti Kurta. On the previous days, Indo -Western clothing, Nehru Jackets and Salwar Suits made the days fancy and fashionable.

To compliment this mood of festivity, a host of activities were conducted for the employees team wise. On Thursday, 24 teams of CVians were asked to make items which are a part of Diwali celebrations such as patakhas, diyas, flowers, sweets etc. using art supplies such as Styrofoam, cutters, glue and colored paper.

Participants made a host of decorative items including door hangings, lanterns, crackers, gifts, flowers, sweets etc. as the passion for art craft among the participants was given a platform. The teams were judged on the bases of creativity, cleanliness in bay, number of items and time efficiency.

On the basis of this, Mohit Yadav’s team was awarded for making the most number of items in short time with a neat and clean finish. On the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras on Friday, October 25, CapitalVia’s new Youtube channel ‘Investment Diaries’ was launched.

On the last day of Diwali Celebrations in office, Rangoli making competition was held. The entire staff was divided into eight teams and each team was given a specific area in the office premises to make the Rangoli.

Each team was judged on the basis of neatness, design and creativity. Creativity ran amok among the artistic members of the teams who made some of the most unique and creative Rangoli designs in office which also served to decorate the office premises for the Lakshmi poojan on Sunday.

Participants made ‘torans’ and Rangolis of Lord Ganesha and ‘Peacocks’. The activity went on for over an hour and two teams won the prize. The first prize was bagged by Mohit Yadav’s team and the second prize was bagged by Harsha V Gopal’s Team.

With this began the Diwali holidays as team members travelled back home for festivities.

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