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Shariah Pro Outperformed Market Expectations Between Dec’18 and May’19

According to The Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC), in Bursa Malaysia, there are 689 companies that are Shariah-compliant as on 31st May 2019. (source: List of Shariah-Compliant Securities by the Shariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commission Malaysia)

Our retail product Shariah Pro targets these 650 companies. For the months of January 2019 to May 2019 we provided an average return of 35.06% to our clients. Our clients trade on Intraday \ contra-day basis. Our product is highly sought after since clients can operate even with a small investment amount. Our dedicated research team provides signals that our clients follow, daily.

Let us examine the ROI graph for our product Shariah Pro. The results mentioned below are from the period December 2018 to May 2019. All data is based on past performance and should not be taken as an assurance or indication of guarantee of future performance.

Source: CapitalVia

For December, the returns were 20.67%. We began 2019 with a commendable result of 55.77% returns. In the month of February, we generated 20.70% returns. In the month of March, we provided a return of 26.32% returns and the months of April and May saw 47.89% and 24.66% returns respectively.

The orange line in the graph shows the accuracy of our calls. Our accuracy for the month of Dec ’18 was 67%. We can say that if we have suggested a trading move a hundred times, that move has performed 67 times. This is our reference for highlighting accuracy in our recommendations. When our returns rose to 55.77%, our accuracy increased to 88% as well. This shows that with greater returns, our suggestions were adequately accurate.

The accuracy was noted to be 71% in February 2019, 69% in March 2019. The accuracy in April 2019 and May 2019 was 63% and 69% respectively. These splendid results have helped us bring down the risk associated with our customer’s portfolio accordingly.

Interestingly, in these six months, the markets haven’t moved much but we have been able to provide our clients with good results (that exceeded their expectations) with our specialized product Shariah Pro. We provide enhanced value to our customers by keeping a conservative approach to investing. We reduce the risk associated with our client’s portfolio by investing in lower-risk securities such as blue-chip companies.

The results can be better understood with an example,

In this time frame, if our customer had invested a sum of 10000 RM on 1st Dec 2018 and traded on the all the research based calls given by our experienced research analyst, then, the client will have earned a profit of 19390 RM. This means that he will have 29,390 RM which is approximately 193% of his investment.

Would you like to know more about our product, Shariah Pro or other services that will help you trade better in the Malaysian market? Contact us today for consultation with our experts.

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