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US Visa is an Investment: What makes us say that

07 Feb 2020

Do you hold a valid US visa? Do you know that you can visit almost 40 other countries across the world including Europe, United Kingdom and UAE, based on your US visa stamp? A single visa for any of these countries will easily cost you northwards of 5k INR minimum and thousands of hassles.

For example, if you are planning a trip to London, the short term visa for UK will cost you north of 8000 INR, but, a single visa from the biggest superpower, stamped on your passport can save you thousands and hassles worth over lakhs. Still need reasons to consider it as an investment? Well, we have many.

Is US Visa Actually a Privilege?

You might have experienced this that against the many stamps on your passport, a single US visa on your friend’s passport is more valuable. What makes the US visa a privilege? Well, United State is amongst the biggest superpowers in the recent times. As we have discussed, there are many countries, which grant you access to them without having a dedicated visa, if you have a US visa stamped on your passport.

Considering the expansion of businesses, companies are also prioritizing on candidates for recruitment who are holding a US visa. It helps the company in case of any on site requirement.  Apart from this,  once you have the US visa stamped on your passport, you can take your dream vacation across many  countries without having any visa expenses and hassles.

Well, we guess the traveler inside you would have woke up by now. But this are not the only benefits you enjoy. There are various other perks that you get with that stamp on the passport.

The perks of having a US Visa

As we have discussed, that the process of getting a US visa is very complicated, there are various things which needs to be streamlined. Right from the early age you need to start saving and investing your money in order to have enough funds in your account to fulfill the eligibility criteria if the US visa. It helps you to develop a habit of regular saving and investing and at the end you have two goals achieved, first one being the US visa and second one being the surplus savings.

The US visa requires you to have many documents and verifications which are probably more than the ones required for getting a passport. Preparing them for the visa application helps you to manage and maintain your documents and keep them updated as per your personal details.

The US visa process requires you to have a personal interview with the consulate member. You need to prepare for the interview which can have many questions like your purpose of visit, educational qualifications etc. Preparing for the interview develops your communication skills which not only helps you in clearing the visa interview but also helps you at various other instances throughout your life.

A single US visa on your passport is far more valuable than many other stamps. Considering all the pointers it can be considered an investment because you are getting far more than what you invested. Also, the US visa can be considered a risk-free investment option, the only risk being getting a rejection from the embassy. All other investments have risks associated with them.

Whether you are an experienced worker, or you are just on the verge of starting your first job, it is recommended to have an appropriate US visa on your passport. It not only provides an edge above the others on your resume but also provides you with the above discussed benefits.

We hope that you have already started to plan for your US visa. Well, go ahead, because the benefits which comes associated with it make it one of the most valuable and risk-free investment option.

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