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COMMODITY TIPS/recommendations

We, CapaitalVia Global Research Limited (Investment Advisor) are the pioneer of the financial market research industry and accomplished our 11 successful years in this industry. We are the makers of Investment Advisory industry in India as we have the credit of introducing investment advisory. We are having prolonged history of providing Best Commodity Tips in MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) and let our highly experienced & CMT certified research analyst team to provide you delighted Commodity Trading experience.
Commodity Market facilitates trading in various commodities related to the primary economic sector rather than manufactured goods. Commodity Market, basically, is divided into two segments, i.e. Agri Commodities & Non-Agri commodities. Non-Agri commodities are further divided into Base Metals, Bullion Metals & Energy. Base Metals include metals such as Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc & Aluminum; Bullion Metals includes Gold & Silver and Energy includes Crude Oil & Natural Gas.

Below mentioned are the benefits of Commodity Trading in India:-
  • Lower margin requirement for trading
  • Helpful for diversification of portfolio
  • Commodities like Gold & Silver provide safe-haven during the time of economic uncertainties.
  • A hedging tool for protection against uncertain price fluctuation
  • Prices are purely based on the demand & supply of the commodity

We, CapitalVia Global Research Limited (Investment Advisor), provide purely technical analysis based intraday commodity tips in MCX. Our recommendations are based on the proper risk reward strategy with all of the required elements of disciplined trading so that we can deliver the best result for our customers. Now you don’t need to worry about Commodity Market fluctuations and let us assist you. We cover the entire Commodity Market with the help of our below-mentioned product ranges:-

Base Metals Pack: Base Metals pack is a medium risk product created for commoditytraders who prefer to trade in commodities and not having high-risk capacity. In this pack, we will provide you 1-2 recommendations on daily basis in Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, and Aluminum.

Features of Base Metals Pack

  • It’s a medium risk product
  • Minimum Investment required is INR 1,00,000
  • Ideal for Intraday/ occasional holding
  • 1-2 Recommendations on daily basis in Base Metals
  • Recommendations will be given Via Mobile App and SMS Server

Bullion Metals Pack: If you trade in the Bullion, you are at the right place as this product is conceptualized for traders to provide Gold intraday tips & Silver Intraday Tips. We will provide you 1-2 intraday recommendations on the daily basis.

Features of Bullion Metal Pack

  • It’s a moderately high-risk product
  • Minimum Investment required is INR 2,00,000
  • Ideal for intraday trading
  • 1-2 Recommendations on daily basis in Gold & Silver
  • Recommendations will be given Via Mobile App and SMS Server

Commodity Pack: Commodity Pack is one of our services where you will get Bullion Metals, Base Metals & Energy recommendations in one basket. In this product, you will get all of the Non-Agri MCX commodities recommendations at one place.

  • It’s a moderately high-risk product
  • Minimum Investment required is INR 2,00,000
  • Ideal for intraday trading
  • 2-3 Recommendations on daily basis in all of the MCX non-agri commodities
  • Recommendations will be given Via Mobile App and SMS Server


“I would like to thank CapitalVia to suggest me on HNI services. Also, I would like to give a special thank you for your valuable recommendations for my investment. CV has superb knowledge on Stock Market & I am totally satisfied with your support & recommendations.”

-Says M.A. Tyagi

“Please convey this compliment to your staff Mr. Bhojraj Viishwakarma. I appreciate his great efforts to resolved our issue of morning updates-support and resistance levels. Now I am getting morning updates properly.

-Says Sachin Ghogale


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