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Diwali Neuron 2019

Celebrate the festival of lights with a carefully curated collection of handpicked stocks. In 2018, our Diwali stock recommendations delivered 22.22%* ROI to our customers and made the occasion even more special for them.

*all the data presented here is based on the previous performance.

What is Diwali Neuron?

Diwali Neuron is a theme-based neuron that caters to the upcoming event Diwali and provides multibagger stock recommendations using fundamental analysis. This neuron is ideal for investors who want to try their hand at long term trading and want to make the most of this festive season. When this fundamental analysis of stocks is combined with event-based investments, it increases the possibility of earning greater returns than the estimated value provided by the index.

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Origin of Diwali Neuron

Diwali season brings increment in consumption. The auto sector, paint, electronics, retail and realty are some of the sectors that benefit from the festival of lights. Festivities legitimize consumption and are a critical link between the society and a consumption-driven economy.

The survey, that studied the spending pattern of 1,050 respondents in 10 cities, revealed that shoppers expect a higher spend in almost all key categories during the three months of the festive season - a 25% increase in average monthly spend on staples and packaged foods; a 12% increase in spend on groceries; and a 50% increase in spend on apparels.

Our product, Diwali Neuron, has the following features:

Performance Highlights – Diwali Neuron 2018

We selected 7 sectors to diversify your wealth for Diwali Neuron 2018. Using Fundamental Analysis, one company for each of these sectors was selected and the top 3 stocks in the portfolio gave a return higher than 30%*. All customers who purchased Diwali Neuron in 2018 were delighted with the results and have shown their interest in the 2019 version of our product.
You can now get a copy of the report which provides the details and performance highlights of Diwali Neuron 2018. Plan your investments smartly this year with our Diwali stock recommendations.

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