Antidote Neuron

Coronavirus has made a critical economic impact globally, and its effects can be clearly seen in the stock market. In light of such adversity, we have come out with the booster dose that will help you heal your affected portfolio. The antidote neuron will identify opportunities in the current adversity and enable you to make informed decisions to counteract the impact of COVID-19.

The opportunities identified by Antidote Neuron currently consists of 3 Cs:

Crude Oil Price

Crude oil prices have dropped and this is a good opportunity for a developing market like India where the majority of the requirement of crude oil is imported. Companies such as oil marketing firms, paint firms, plastic processing firms benefit from the lowered crude oil prices.

Speciality Chemical Companies

Speciality chemical companies will also benefit from the the lowered crude oil prices. Antidote neuron will include the details of such speciality chemical companies that would give your portfolio the right push in the right direction.

Capacity Expansion

In the current scenario, we have identified a company which was undergoing capacity expansion and is about to complete this process in the near future. Once the capacity expansion is completed, a significant positive impact would be observed in the revenue as well as operations.


Holding Period: 6-9 months

Service Delivery Mode: e-mail

Capital Requirement: INR 50,000

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Rs. 5,000

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