India : 2020

It is the best time to make investment during festive season, from October to January, in stocks as it is the most prosperous time..

  • Indices have always shown a tremendous movement in just 10 Months after every Diwali, thus making the life of investor, more grandeur.
  • The benchmark indices are likely to hit new records in the next 6 to 9 months, but investors are advised to stay with quality.
  • People splurge on clothing, gifts, and gadgets, among other things during this festive season. In fact, the four months from October to December contribute a major chunk to the annual sales of consumer durables. This obviously works as a boost in the economy, and creates a cycle of sentimental up-turn translated into various other industries.
  • Considering the specified factors, we have built this Neuron by picking up stocks that have a capability of generating good return over a period of time for their shareholders. Companies under the sector have an immense opportunity to grow further in the future with further development of the country.

Basket of Stocks
India:2020 Neuron includes stocks that are listed ONLY in National Stock Exchange, and covers almost 90% of the market capitalisation, which is the top 700 traded companies in terms of daily liquidity.

After carefully studying different investment ideas and strategies, economic data, various news and trends  that impact the market. Based on the findings, Our Research Experts identify the criteria for stock screening for this Neuron.

Portfolio Building / Stock Selection
The top 700 traded stocks in National Stock Exchange is screened using the above criteria to get a list of potential Neuron member stocks. The list is further screened based on fundamental and technical parameters to select the top 7 stocks for this Neuron.

The list of selected stocks is equally weighted.

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