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Investment to be benefited from Building a New India

The Government of India has taken significant initiatives to strengthen the economic credentials of the country and make it one of the strongest economies in the world. Rise in domestic investments has been one of the biggest contributors to the India growth story and the public and private sector have both enabled and sustained these investments.

India’s Gross Fixed Capital Formation at constant prices was INR 40.88 lakh crore (US$ 561.44 billion) in 2017-18. The Government of India forecasts capital expenditure to increase by 30 per cent from INR 3 lakh crore (US$ 41.2 billion) in 2017-18 to INR 3.9 lakh crore (US$ 53.6 billion) in 2019-20. Net investments by Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) reached INR 90.85 crore (US$ 12.48 billion) in 2017. The total number of investor accounts with 43 active mutual fund houses rose to a record 69.9 million at the end of February 2018 as against 55.4 million in March 2017, backed by a strong participation from retail investors, according to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

According to Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), the total FDI investments in India April-June 2018 stood at US$ 12.75 billion, indicating that governments effort to improve ease of doing business and relaxation in FDI norms is yielding results. Our aim is to cover sectors, which are going to contribute to drive our economy further and ultimately get benefited from Building a New India. We have covered a basket of sub-sectors, which ultimately provides a benefit to different companies under ‘one umbrella’.

Considering the specified factors, we have built this Neuron by picking up stocks that has a capability of generating huge return over a period of time for their shareholders. Companies under the sector have an immense opportunity to grow further in the future with further
development of the country. This is the best time for the investors to generate huge return from the market, as the Indian Economy has got a great investment potential in the near period.

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