With investment, your capital is at risk.

What is Market Neuron

Market Neuron is a theme based trading strategy which revolves around a certain event/idea that you believe will materialize in the future. Market Neuron captures the effects of the theme on the financial market. Our analysts follow a top-down approach to select the right stocks & weights that reflect the theme. Next, a basket of a maximum of 20 stocks is formed based on the same theme.

Long Term Trading

No need  to stay glued to your monitor everyday. Rebalance your portfolio just once every quarter.

Weekly Reports

Keep track of your portfolio with detailed reports sent to you every week

Dedicated Account Manager

You are never alone! Your dedicated account manager is always there to guide you.

Our Neurons

Most difficult job in investment is to decide where to invest.
Let "Market Neurons" do it for you! Market Neurons are well researched opportunities clubbed as stocks based on ideas.

The Naked Trader

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Companies screened using parameters in the book 'The Naked Trader' by Robbie Burns

Growth at reasonable price

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Companies screened using parameters in the book 'The Naked Trader' by Robbie Burns.

Value Picks

TYPE : Investment Strategies

High performing stocks at low valuations

Rural Surge

TYPE : Government Reforms

Companies benefitting from rising rural income and consumption.

Banking Delight

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Low NPA Banks and NBFCs in better position for strong credit growth


TYPE : Government Reforms

High-Flyers of a less-cash economy

GST Advantage

TYPE : Government Reforms

Gainers of the unified tax structure

Magic Formula

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Fundamentally sound companies selected using Greenblatt's Magic Formula


TYPE : Investment Strategies

Stocks selected based on CANSLIM methodology

Mutual Fund Performer

TYPE : Investment Strategies

High Quality Company where leading mutual fund have high exposure

High Speed Growth

TYPE : Investment Strategies

High Growth earnings stocks

Endurable Earnings

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Companies displaying sustainable earning growth rates

Safety Net

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Low beta stocks to protect against market volatility

Brand Hype

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Companies with brands catering to the increasingly brandconscious Indian consumer

Wise Shopper

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Steady companies with efficient capital utilization,
selected using Richard Beddard's Nifty Thrifty

Growth & Dividend

TYPE : Investment Strategies

Fundamentally strong companies screened using Kevin Matras' criteria that gives dividend

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