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Friendships Day at CapitalVia

22 Aug 2019

Friendship is a valuable bond which is cherished and celebrated by people of all age groups. Be it a three-year-old or an 80-year-old person. Everybody has some people in their lives with whom they are not connected by blood, but by a deeper sense of understanding and love -called friendship.

Celebrating the spirit of friendship through fun games aimed at testing the power of this wonderful relation, Friendships Day was Celebrated at the CapitalVia Global Research with fun and frolic on Monday, August 5, 2019.

The event began with a short film being screened on the projector which included photographs of CapitalVia’s various friend circles. Pictures from Converge ’18 and other events organized earlier were stitched together to make a beautiful video which touched everyone’s hearts and strengthened the bond shared by the colleagues with one another.

Spending time with their best friends at the cafeteria and during lunch was special even though it is usually the same. The day brought new energy and excitement to everybody in the organization celebrating friendship and their friends.  

CapitalVia family had been asked in advance to come dressed up similarly with their best friends to celebrate the day. Best friends’ pairs at the office wore similar clothes as a mark of their friendship and eight such pairs participated in the games organized by HR department. Among them, Mansi and Sonali’s pair wore the exact same outfit and stood out amongst the rest.

The eight pairs that played the games were: Mansi & Sonali, Prince & Piyush Kusum & Sahista, Luv & Abhijit, Kushagra & Piyush, Saurabh & Krishna, Vandana & Umesh and Akshay & Shorabh.

All of them proudly wore the badge of friendship and claimed that they knew each other the best. Based on this, they were asked to participate in an activity where eight questions were asked to them about their friend and they were asked to write answers to the questions on a chit without discussing it within themselves.

The test was on the friendship and how much did they know each other. Each of the pairs wrote answers to quirky questions like Friends or Family? Beach or Mountains? Apples of Bananas? Etc.

While the questions were aimed at testing the friendships, the award was given to the friends whose least number of questions had same answers to encourage them to know each other better.

Two of these eight pairs of friends were given awards – among them were Luv and Abhijit for giving only one common answer. The second award was given to Umesh and Vandana for their spirit and having answered questions rightly.

“The activity was not just enjoyed by those playing, but by everyone who answered questions together creating a mutual feeling of cohesion. It was wonderful to see everyone bonding over such innocuous answers such as cats or dogs, blue eyes or green eyes, straight hair or curly hair etc.,” Vandana, a participant said.

The activity was conducted by Mohit, who kept the spirit high with his quirky comments and quips. It was a refreshing experience aimed at fostering meaningful friendships and connections that go beyond computer screens and set environment. The value of true friendship is better understood when it’s already been lost, and this was an earnest try to nurture friendship that adds incomparable value to life.

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