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Malaysia Stock Market (FTSE KLCI) - Outlook

The Malaysia Stock Market (FTSE KLCI) is expected to trade around the mark of 1850 and is expected to move sideways for the short-term as the Malaysian equities are under pressured amongst the threat of U.S. military action in Syria caused concerns of serious tension in the Middle East. The local bourse started on a positive note before dropping into the red by the late morning session as investors measured in on the threat of US military action in Syria.( U.S. president Donald Trump’s comments about Russia and his indications to attack Syria on Wednesday were cited as catalyst for the selling in equities.

On the forex market, the ringgit had a tiny change against the US dollar at 3.8763 while it rose slightly against the pound sterling at 5.4941 and weakened marginally against the Singapore dollar at 2.9596. (

The Malaysian market has a mixed sentiments as previous comments from Chinese President Xi Jinping's to cut import tariffs eased concerns about a US-China trade conflict and tensions over preparations of attack over Syria has forced investors to trade with caution. Following the cautious market following stocks(SAPNRG , UCREST , VS , DESTINI ) are expected to move up in near term . (

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