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Leadership Team
CapitalVia grows from strength to strength
under the leadership of these individuals.

Rohit Gadia
Rohit is an entrepreneur and visionary. He brings with himself an amazing energy to the table that always drives people along with him.
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Anshul Mansingka

Juhi Gandhi
Sr. Manager - Marketing

Nakul Khandelwal
Head – IT

Pratima Durve
Country Head - Singapore

Sanjay Vaidya

Saurabh Mathur
Head Marketing

Tanvi Saxena
Head - HR

Uday Zokarkar
Director - Marketing

Vivek Gupta, CMT
Director - Research
Driven by values
  • » Respect every Individual
  • » Bring Passion to Work
  • » Be Disciplined, Committed & Transparent
  • » Demand Excellence from Self & Others
  • » 'What's Right than 'Who's Right
  • » Have Fun @ Work
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Our Code of Conduct
CVians understand and deeply follow the code of conduct.

1. Maintain Confidentiality
2. Unauthorized to hold Demat Account
3. Respectful and courteous attitude
4. Remain unbiased
5. Authorised only to share Company Recommendations
ISO Certification
  • The company has hard earned its ISO 9001 – 2008 certificate and it will continue to give the services to its clients with more quality, consistency and standards than the expected standards of the above certificate. CV has proven performance and track record which makes the advisory services different and better than its competitors.
  • . . . .
    Mar 2009
    20 employees on board
    Sep 2010
    CapitalVia is 100 people strong now,
    CV Launches mobile-based trading in India
    Jan 2009
    CapitalVia started its operations
    Feb 2010
    CapitalVia acquires a new office
  • . . . .
    Sep 2011
    CapitalVia wins Red Herring
    Top 100 Asia Awards
    Apr 2012
    ET Covers us, we get bigger!
    CapitalVia goes 5 day working
    Mar 2011
    CapitalVia enters Singapore Markets
    Mar 2012
    CapitalVia features in
  • . . . .
    Oct 2012
    Deloitte Recognition as 24th Fastest Growing Tech company
    in India and 228th in Asia Pacific
    Jan 2013
    Entrepreneur Magazine
    features CapitalVia
    May 2012
    Finalists in TiE50 Awards,
    Our First Customer Education Meet in Jaipur
    Dec 2012
    CapitalVia launches Youth Shell competition $ also
    win ET NOW Leaders of Tomorrow Awards
  • . . . .
    Jun 2013
    CapitalVia Story on Yahoo Page
    Oct 2013
    CapitalVia launches India Ideathon Challenge 2013,
    Deloitte Recognition
    Mar 2013
    500 employees and growing!
    July 2013
    CapitalVia Story on Trailblazers
    @ Zee Business
  • . . . .
    Mar 2014
    CapitalVia initiates Indore Marathon,
    CapitalVia creates Twitter Trend in India and Indore
    May 2014
    CapitalVia now on WhatsApp,
    India Ideathon declares Phase II results
    Nov 2013
    CV App on Android
    Apr 2014
    CapitalVia StockTips create a
    Twitter Trend in India
  • . . . .
    Sep 2014
    Finalists in
    Red Herring’s Asia Awards
    Aug 2014
    Showed up at
    Singapore InvestFair
    July 2014
    Launched first ever
    video on Trading Rules
    June 2014
    India Ideathon Grande Finale,
    Top 3 Winners announcede
  • . . .
    Oct 2014
    CapitalVia now on Wikipedia
    Nov 2014
    Our very own 2nd Marathon
    CV is Now CRISIL Certified!
    Dec 2014
    1st Blood Donation Camp
    Deloitte Recognition again!
    NRK Facility Inaugurated