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With investment, your capital is at risk.

What We Offer


Don’t have time to trade every day? Say goodbye to intraday trading with Market Neuron, our product dedicated to long term traders. Make investments based on high-yielding themes you believe in.


Select from our wide range of short term products designed for both equity and commodity market. Make trades based on our signals derived by fundamental and technical analysis.


A dedicated product for people and export import companies who deal with foreign currency transitions. Get a detailed currency forecast report and stay updated with the forex predictions.

Challenges We Resolve

CapitalVia Global Research answers a wide range of diverse challenges for its clients, like those listed below. If there's a challenge
you'd like resolved, contact us.We look forward to discussing it with you.


“I need a better understanding about the market and my exposure to the risks associated with it.”


“ I have many options for growth, which one should I choose”


“I am in unfamiliar territory, and need to getup to speed fast “


“I have data and information ,but I don’t have time to analyse and apply it in my Investments, as it appears to be too confusing for me”


“ I need to understand better, the point where I book profits or execute stop loss”


“I need to be more active in emerging market”

What Ways Do We Deliver?

How We Do That


Specialist & Generalist Teams Strong Methodologies clear thinking consultive apporch

Our Purpose

Provide you leverage
so you can focus on making decisions and taking action

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Knowledge Management Systems, Custom Market/Trend Trackers,Dedicated Support TeamsResearch Advisory Services

Years Of Excellence

CapitalVia is the pioneer of Investment Advisory in India. We offer quality signals derived by thorough fundamental and technical analysis.

Industry Pioneer

We take pride in the fact that we have shaped the Indian Investment Advisory industry.

Customers Served

With more than 60,000 customers served, we have customer satisfaction as our prime goal.

Number of Research Hours

Quality signals don’t come easy. Our researchers have invested more than 3366 hours every month to derive the best recommendations.

Customer Awards So Far


I would like to thank CapitalVia to suggest me on HNI services. Also, I would like to give a special thank you for your valuable recommendations for my investment. CV has superb knowledge on Stock Market & I am totally satisfied with your support & recommendations.


I am satisfied with the support team of CapitalVia which worked according to my complaint. I appreciate the team work and would like to give good remarks to them. I give them 5/5.


I am a client of yours since January 2014 for research based derivative purchase and I am writing to tell you that I am happy with your services. Your attitude and approach is excellent. The follow-ups of your calls are commendable.


Thanks to CapitalVia for giving me opportunity to share my feelings. Simple 'Thank You' is one of the effortless and least expensive thing I can do for you once again. But for some season ,it is the powerful thing. Goodness is about character integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral & courage.

Industry Awards So Far