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CapitalVia at RISE Conference 2019

19 July 2019

A platform for international brands to come at one place and showcase the finest innovations in the field of technology- RISE 2019 held at Hong Kong in July with an active presence of innovators and start-ups. The conference had startups, entrepreneurs, journalists, media professionals, and some of the biggest brands in the world coming together to discuss technology innovations. RISE hosted a staggering 16,000 attendees which was an unparalleled opportunity to expand our network, internationally.

CapitalVia Global Research Limited also got the opportunity to showcase its innovation on this platform, representing Madhya Pradesh – the central province of India. CapitalVia brought at the mega convention a unique concept- the future of stock market consultation in the field of Financial Technology. CapitalVia was represented by CIO Rohit Gadia, Head of Research Gaurav Garg and Lead- New Age Products- Ashis Biswas.

The product - ‘FintastIQ’ attracted the attendees with its slogan – ‘Invest In Strategies And Not Stocks’. The aim was to push for a trading lifestyle for people where they could invest with a bag of strategies instead of trading in individual stocks – with the aid of technology.

The idea and concept garnered many positive reviews from the entrepreneurs present here who also suggested improvements in the product.

“Interacting with the startup companies from all over the globe has given us a new perspective on our product and its potential. After attending the conference, we are invigorated and plan to develop a working prototype soon,” Gaurav Garg, head of research at CapitalVia said.

The convention not only had innovations in fintech field, but also innovations of technology in medical, tourism, real estate, hospitality and many other fields. The convention presented top-notch technology in different industries.

“We have had the privilege to meet the sectoral as well as geographical innovators who have liked our product concept and envision beaming prospects for it as well. We have interacted with investors specially from Europe and southeast Asia who have shown keen interest in our product. We have met people who can be our potential partners in taking the fintech industry by storm not only in India but on a global front as well,” Ashis Biswas said.

The participants at the conference also participated in the many informative and interactive sessions held at the conference. Among some of the experts who voiced their opinions were from brands like Uber, Carlsberg, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Air Asia, HSBC etc.

The panel discussions around the financial subjects answered questions like ‘Where will my money be in 2050’ or topics like ‘What is exciting for investors –TechFin or FinTech’, and also about involvement of AI in the financial space. Sessions were also held on concepts such as ‘designing your brand to disrupt’ and ‘Driving into future- eSports, content marketing and branding’ in the marketing category.

The sessions helped participants get an insight into various trends in the respective markets at present and how to benefit their individual companies and brands with this.

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