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CVians ride high on the Cricket Frenzy in CapitalVia Cricket League

With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 currently underway in England and Wales, CVians also decided to live it up with zeal and inspiration! Four teams of 15 players each were randomly divided. The CapitalVia Cricket League (CVCL) is played on a power-packed 10 over format. Cricket has great importance in the heart of Indians. Cricket is not just a sport, it is an emotion. Cricket is the reminder of the carefree summer days when the only thing that mattered was to play, the heat and the constant beckoning by mothers never had any effect.

Sunday, 23rd June took CVians back to the good old days. The four teams Red, Blue, Black and White were led by talented and vivacious captains. The Red team was captained by Mohit Yadav, whereas the White team was led by the sporty and sprightly Purujit Khare. The men in Blue played under the guidance of Manish Tiwari and the men in black’s skipper was Anshu Saurabh.

The first match was played between the Reds and Blues. The Blue team managed to put up a decent score of 55 runs on the board and were off to a good start. However, the match took an interesting turn when the Red team batted with such energy and spirit that they reached the target score in the seventh over with 5 wickets in hand, a marvelous victory!

The second match was played between the Black and the White teams. Batting first, they White team lead by Purujit Khare put up a staggering 106 runs on the board. In the second innings, they managed to constrict the Black team for a total of 70 runs and emerged victorious.

After the semi finals- it was time for the final between Red team and the White team for which the team members were fully geared up despite the harsh sun. The white team batting first scored 70 runs. However, the Red team completed a memorable clean sweep when the hit the target runs without losing any wickets. The match witnessed outstanding performance by the Red team including captain, Mohit Yadav.

The winning captain in his interaction pot the match said, “I played on the strengths of the team, there was a lot of pressure, but the team managed to work through it and come out victorious. A few dropped catches on our opponent’s part proved to be lucky for us”

Interaction with spectators has brought to light the importance of activities outside office. Akshay Kumar, a Customer Acquisition Manager, elucidated “it was a refreshing experience and the players showed great sportsmanship.”

Onlooker Avi Shrivastava chimed in, “Even though the heat was getting to the players, all of them gave it their best shot. It was a nice break from the routine work. It was a wonderful start to the week and was very entertaining.”

Shreya Agrawal, another spectator said, “I had a great time interacting with people from different departments. This interaction has sparked many valuable conversations, which will definitely help me work better in office in a friendly atmosphere.”

CapitalVia through its different activities has always endeavored to promote wholesome growth of its employees, be it through cricket, yoga or any other cultural activities. The upcoming month would see many other such action packed events to make employees forget the target pressures to truly enjoy life.

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