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CapitalVia Launches New Products For Busy Investors

7 Nov 2019

CapitalVia has been working on various new products and services in keeping with the varying needs of its customers and their trading styles. Since there are very few dedicated traders and investors who spend their entire time focusing on growing their investments in the stock market, the majority of our customers find it challenging to manage their current schedules.

To provide better services and convenience to our customers, we have launched products and services that will make life easier for the busy stock market trader. November 5, 2019 marked the launch of Vector Cash which is part of the QuantIQ family of products which offer back-tested trading strategies based on quantitative analysis.

Vector Cash is unlike any other trading recommendation because of two key features, namely, emotion-free recommendation, and the unique time of sending the recommendation. The subscribers of Vector Cash will receive their recommendations at exactly 10:10am and will be given with a stop loss and a target. They have to execute the trade at the prescribed time and then they can resume their daily activities.

The day trader has to exit his position at 3:00pm, if neither the stop loss nor the target is reached. The product offers a hassle-free approach to trading. This subscription is available to our customers on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

This also comes with a unique feature of point-based order assistance in which, for the ease of traders, the target and stop loss will be given point based and not price based, making placing of bracket order much more convenient. The product is meticulously designed to send out of recommendation at a fixed time every trading day, suitable for day traders as well as traders who want to do day trading but do not have time to spend in front of the screen.

This calendar year in 2019, CapitalVia has launched a total of nine new products of which five products belong to an all new product line of Quantitative Analysis – QuantIQ.  

This is a trading recommendation service in which recommendations are generated based on the quantitative price chart analysis. We have specific product for Nifty futures- ‘Prime Nifty’, Nifty-Bank futures - ‘Prime NiftyBank’, Gold futures- ‘Prime Gold’, stock options – ‘Vector Options’ and stock cash – ‘Vector Cash’.

Apart from this, CapitalVia has launched four new services for its long-term investors- ‘Dark Horse-III’ Market Neuron, ‘Monsoon’ Market Neuron 2019, ‘Diwali’ Market Neuron 2019 and ‘E-Vehicles’ Market Neuron. In all these services the average holding period for the stocks is six-nine months and all of them are theme based and are centered on an idea which we believe will take place in future or is likely to affect the stock prices and the economy. All Market Neurons are essentially investment strategies based on fundamental analysis.

All these products have definitely diversified CapitalVia’s reach among traders dealing in each and every segment of the financial markets. Through these products CapitalVia has further firmed up its places among the trading community as one of the most progressive and trusted investment advisories, proudly bearing the tag of being a pureplay research organization delivering quality products month-on-month.

If you would like to know more about our new products or the existing performers, then call us on 8085999333 or chat with us right now. We would love to talk to you about your investment plans.

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