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CapitalVia rewards and recognizes the high performers

20 Aug 2019

Being lauded for your efforts toward your organization is always welcomed, both by employees as well as the management. At CapitalVia, the tradition of recognizing employee contribution to the organization’s growth and development has been a long and glorious one. Every month, the rewards and recognition ceremony is a time for all employees and management to get together and get a healthy dose of competitive spirit, motivation and the will to do better in the next month.

The R&R ceremony for the month of July 2019 was held on August 6, 2019. Awards were given in the different categories each of which valued a unique quality in the employees- be it overachieving targets or getting the highest number of happy clients. At CapitalVia, each specialty is valued and awarded for the high performers driven by the urge to excel.

Newbie of the month

Under the Newbie of the month category, Mahamaya S. won the prize for achieving highest KRA score. Mahamaya had been one of the key performers of Amit’s team, with an unmatched grit and spirit.

Rocket Singh and Volume Master Awards

Among the sales team- the two most valued individual awards were Rocket Singh award and the Volume master award. Aman K. from Mohit’s team hit a sixer in to get the Rocket Singh Award. On the other hand, Shorab B. from Bezawada’s team took home the Volume Master Award this month.

Manager of the Month

Among the sales team- the best performance in the month of July was that of Akhilesh Kumar T. who bagged the award of Best Manager of the month. His belief in his team members and streamlined efforts has made the team accomplish great results.

Happy Clients

While Akhilesh’s team won the best manager award, Vaishali M. from Suridhi’s team stood out for having highest number of happy clients, thus winning the ‘Happy Client’ award. Her spirit is commendable!

Adarsh Trainee

Next category was of the ‘Adarsh Trainee’ in which nominations were sought from among the new joinees. Mohammad R. shone among all newbies and was able to take home the trophy this month for his exemplary performance in the batch!

M-Seal Award

For the research team who make the magic happen with numbers on the charts, the M-Seal award for highest ROI and client retention was given to Aamir M. and Chepa L. Their dedicated and persistent efforts are highly appreciated!

Getting inspired by the high performers of the organization, the entire staff celebrated their success while pledging to perform their best in the month of August. We wish them all the best!

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