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CapitalVia Trains Its Employees On Fire Safety

16 July 2016

A fire hazard can happen to anyone at any time. Working in an environment filled with heavy electrical connections and wirings which stay on for hours at end, the need to protect oneself from fires is extremely important.

In a bid to sensitize the employees at CapitalVia Global Research on fire safety management, first of three sessions was held at the office on Saturday, in which the employees were told how to use a fire extinguisher, things to keep in mind in case of fire, how to use the exit doors so that no stampede occurs and no one gets hurt etc.

The session was conducted by Mr. Raj Upadhyay who has previously conducted mock drills on fire safety at different companies and corporate organizations

Starting his speech, he asked all the managers in the team to come forward and take the lead in ensuring that their individual team members do not panic in case of fire. He also asked the members of the team to not put their feet on the computer systems as it increased the risk of friction between the clothes and the electrical devise.

There are four types of fires which originate due to different reasons. Type A fire caused due to burning of solid substances such as paper, wood, or cloth. Type B fire refers to the fire which occurs due to flammable liquids such as kerosene oil, petrol, diesel etc. Type C fires include those involving gases and Type D fires are caused by metals, mainly in industrial areas.

“Type E fires are the most common types of fires in corporate set-ups which are caused due to electrical apparatus. This fire gets lit up immediately without any warning,” Upadhyay told CVians.

He then went on to explain how fire can be controlled using a fire extinguisher and the top things to check in a fire extinguisher to see if it is functioning. A group of managers from the office were also given hands-on training of using a fire extinguisher.

“It was quite handy and useful knowledge to have in case of emergencies,” Mohammad Rizwan Mansoori said. Upadhyay who was conducting the session also checked the condition of all the existing fire extinguishers and the accessibility of the fire exits.

The session ended with a heightened awareness among the employees at CapitalVia regarding fire safety and precautions to be followed in case of such an adverse incident.

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