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CapitalVia Wins the Prestigious “Dream Companies To Work For” Award

21 Feb 2020

From the moment we prepare our first resume, our aspiration is to work for a renowned brand. Before we even get selected, we imagine our career growth in that company and the various aspects of working in that company. This is something that every organization strives to achieve.

On 16th February 2020, CapitalVia earned the award for “Dream Companies To Work For”, presented by ET Now in the 28th Edition of the World HRD Congress. The event was organized at Taj Lands End, Mumbai, and saw the participation of hundreds of nominees who were present for organizational awards and / or individual awards. It was an awe-inspiring sight to witness such massive participation from brands across the country who were waiting in anticipation to be recognized for their excellence.

What Constitutes a Dream Company?

While the definition of a dream company may differ for each person, the essential characteristics which define one include:

• Management of disruptions in a controlled manner

• Creative eruptions which have the potential to bear high risk

• Management of cognitive dissonance

• Presence of multiple aspirations and high ambition in every employee with the sense of achieving the aspirations in the shortest possible time.

• Presence of purpose, and a firm belief in the philosophy of “I can, I will, I shall”.

• Usage of a sustainable approach to self-managed career rather than following the convention path

• Strong commitment to encouraging and sustaining fast paced growth.

The above characteristics are not rigid, but they do provide a good understanding of what people look for in their dream company.

Earning Recognition As The Dream Company To Work For

CapitalVia was represented by Mr. Gaurav Garg - HR & Product Head, at the prestigious event. It was a moment of immense pride and joy for Mr. Garg as well as the company when CapitalVia Global Research Limited- Investment Advisor was declared as the winner for ‘Dream Companies to Work For- Financial Services’.

Being recognized as the dream company to work for, has definitely given CapitaVia a super boost in confidence and now we are prepared more than ever to take on 2020 to create more milestones and break records. Of course, this would not be possible without the contribution and support of our team members who make up the dynamic CV Family.

“CapitalVia provides a dynamic growth oriented working environment with a result centric approach. This has been the success mantra for not only grooming fresh talent into various roles (business development, research, marketing, etc), but also helping them identify and achieve their respective career goals. We have an extensive training and development program for people at all levels. We value our human capital and we leave no stone unturned to make sure they get the best working environment, professional opportunities, personal consultation, and a high-speed career growth,” said Mr. Garg.

CapitalVia would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to all the people who have contributed towards building the brand and creating the dynamic environment for which the company is known for. Without our contributors’ support, belief and commitment, we would not have been able to earn this prestigious award.

Feel free to drop us an email or call us to know how you can become a part of our organization.

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