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CapitalVia’s R&R Jun 2019

Giving strength to the foundation of the company and raising the bar higher with each passing month, team members of CapitalVia who performed exemplarily in June 2019 were felicitated and rewarded for their efforts at the rewards and recognition (R&R) ceremony conducted on July 5, 2019.

At CapitalVia, we believe in acknowledging the efforts of an individual as well as the teams. We believe it is important to recognize exemplary behaviour, efforts and business results that support the company’s value beyond expectations. As a part of the monthly tradition, the first category of the award was Newbie of the month. As CapitalVia has a steady influx of employees every month with each batch having exemplary talent, the competition was a tough choice for the HR department. This month two awards found a home in the marketing department and the research department.

Anoushka Shukla a new joinee in the marketing department bagged this prize, whereas Sudhanshu Tiwari in the Research team secured the award from the research department.

Anoushka Shukla, who had joined the company as an intern was given pre-placement offer before her internship was over. She has met all her daily KPIs and delivered them on-time. She has taken initiatives and made sure such initiatives are executed.

Sudhanshu Tiwari in his very first month he has delivered 100% of his tasks. Also, with his dedication and commitment to the organization has completed his tasks with full accuracy and 5 days remaining to the deadline.

All the achievers have one thing in common. They have SMART goals and work consistently towards achieving them. Outstanding performances of today are a result of purposeful and tireless efforts from the very beginning of the month. The next category was the Business Stars of the month- for Indian and foreign departments. In the Indian department, the Rocket Singh award was given to Manish Bharti for overachieving his target.

The product Mix master award was bagged by Steffy Shaji Matthew for opening highest number of accounts. We appreciate her spirit!

Following closely in terms of performance was the research team in which four team members earned the award this time for outstanding performance in terms of providing ROI, getting client renewals and testimonials. Their unwavering efforts have bought them great results.

Kshitij Purohit of the international team won the ‘happy client’ award of the month for getting 35 testimonials in the month of June. These testimonials speak for his zeal and tenacity towards his work.  Pratibha Shrotriya won the M-Seal award on the HNI Equity category having provided all her clients more than 15 per cent ROI and 100 per cent client renewal. Her diligent efforts have borne fruit.

On HNI Commodity front, Lekshmi Rose bagged the M-seal award for achieving more than 10 per cent ROI for all her clients and getting 100 per cent renewal whereas, Amir Muntashir Makda Bagged the best performer of the month in International research category for getting more than 15 per cent ROI to all clients and 100 per cent client renewal. Their dedication and devotion are admirably praiseworthy.

The best manager of the month trophy went to Sunit Jain this month, as his team had achieved maximum revenue this month, taking the trophy away from May’s best manager Deepak Kumar. Team spirit and effective communication lead to superior performance.

The encouraging applause of the team members provided everyone with a renewed vigour to work hard the next month, achieve their targets and take home the prize. Consistent and well-directed efforts go a long way!

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