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Celebrating the Spirit of Independence Day at CapitalVia!

26 Aug 2019

Independence Day – a special occasion that holds great significance for every Indian. This day is more than just a national holiday. It is a day to remember the sacrifices of the martyrs. It is a day to rejoice our independence and respect the countless sacrifices made by the bravehearts that have helped shape our lives today.

The Decorations and Flag Hoisting

All the employees were dressed in either saffron, white or green. The office was decorated with the tricolor flags set up at each desk and each door in the office. The office was decorated with rose petals and balloons of the three colors hung artfully from the ceiling to give a festive air to the office ambience. Frills and hangings in corridors celebrated the spirit of an independent India, as the walls in corridors were decorated with the portraits of luminaries and legends.

Bhagat Singh, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Chandrashekhar Azaad were among the few names whose pictures instilled among CVians the spirit of sacrifice for the country. The lobby at the entrance also had a specially designed cut-out of India’s map illuminated on its periphery by fairy lights.

Flag hoisting was done in the morning by office staff in front of the cut-out which was also illuminated by three colored lights- Saffron, White and Green. This spot became a selfie zone for CVians who stood by the cutout to salute Mother India.

Fun Games and Activities

In the afternoon, fun games and activities were organized for the employees, in which their knowledge of the Indian history and the country’s facts and figures was tested. The activities were preceded by paying respect and singing the national anthem remembering the sacrifices that have been made for us to be independent. The solemn recital of the national anthem gave goosebumps to all present invoking a collective spirit of nationalism and patriotism.  

For the activity, three teams were formed- Team Saffron, Team White and Team Green- corresponding to the colors of the Indian flag. In the first round, questions were asked to the teams one after the other giving 20 seconds to each team to respond failing which, the question was transferred to the next team.

Among some of the interesting questions were - ‘Who was the first Prime Minister of Independent India?’, ‘Which is the largest city of India in terms of population?’, ‘What was the name of the speech given by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at the time of Independence?’ etc.

All the teams answered the questions enthusiastically. However, in the first round, Team Saffron was eliminated, and the final round was played between Team White and Team Green. After answering questions directed at them as well as passed on from the other team, the White Team emerged as the winner and they were awarded CapitalVia caps.

And Towards Financial Independence

The day ended with jubilant feeling as our team members felt the value of independence and enjoyed it. The rights we enjoy today are a result of grueling efforts on the part of our freedom fighters. The right to freedom, equality, expression so on and so forth were earned by visionary leaders. We at CapitalVia also aim to make each Indian independent – from the shackles on unsolicited advice and speculative stock market trades. We believe in granting traders and investors a complete financial independence to trade their money themselves without interference or greed.

CapitalVia wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day!

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