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CVians Celebrate Janmashthami with Spirituality, Love, Fun and Frolic

30 Aug 2019

The birth of Lord Krishna, the king of mischiefs, innocence, love and a sharp intellect was a joyous celebratory occasion for CVians. Not only was it a day filled with fun, but also aligned CVians on a spiritual path, bringing them closer to the Almighty.

Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated as Krishna Janmashthami. According to the Hindu calendar this religious festival is celebrated on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the 8th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapad. The celebrations at CapitalVia were held on Saturday, August 24.

Just as the festival is celebrated in homes with decorations and prayers, a special cradle seating baby Lord Krishna was set up at CapitalVia office premises with special lighting and decorations using toys around the cradle for the ‘Baal Gopal’. The entire office floor was also decorated using artificial peacock feathers, which added a festive feel to the office environment.

All the employees also were asked to wear ethnic attire for the day, which further added a pop of color to the office ambience. Boys dressed in traditional Silk and Cotton kurta pajamas and girls dressed in flowing skirts and kurtis called for pictures to be clicked outside the office premises.

The ‘Special Pooja’ was performed in the afternoon, when a priest led the rituals performed by Mr. Yogesh Shroff. This was followed by the ‘Aarti’ in which everyone participated and sang out loud the lyrics- ‘Aarti Kunja Bihari Ki’. The Aarti was followed by chats of ‘Nand ke ghar Anand Bhayo - Jai Kanhaiyya Laal Ki’. The sweet Prasad was distributed to everyone present as the participants basked in the shower of blessings.

The afternoon hours saw an activity being conducted in the office premises which included Matki fod competition. HDFC bank’s team organized the activity in the office premises wherein a ‘matki’ was placed on the floor, the participant was blindfolded and was asked to walk up to the ‘matki’ and break it.

As the participant started walking the entire CapitalVia family cheered him/her and encouraged him/her to break the matki and earn the prize. Every time a participant was successfully able to break the ‘matki’, everyone hollered and celebrated the ‘Matki fod’. Joy and jubilation enveloped the participants in the fun and frolic filled activity.

Five prizes were given in the contest to Viraajita G, Harsha V, Mohit Y, Sashwat P and Shubham. The prizes for the winners were sponsored by VLCC. A nutritionist from VLCC also gave a brief talk on importance of a healthy diet and performed a BMI check on the CVians who signed up for getting a diet plan for meeting their fitness goals.

A nail art studio was also set up in the office premises for girls where professional artists stylized the nails of girls with unique and funky art works. The day ended with the key takeaways of being spiritual, keeping the fun element in us alive and working with a renewed energy for the next week.

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