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Eye check-up camp and health talk at CapitalVia

14 Aug 2019

The window to the world and the gateway to the soul- eyes are a vital organ of the body which need constant care. Being surrounded by screens everywhere from phones, laptops, desktops to even on traffic signals and roads, the human eye to subject to electronic radiations for long hours every day. This leads to a negative effect on the eyes, and eventually requires a person to wear lenses or spectacles for vision correction.

Being in a corporate world, this is a common phenomenon and it is quite usual for people to ignore their eye health. To sensitize employees regarding the importance of the same, a health talk on taking care of eyes was organized for the employees of CapitalVia on Saturday, August 10, 2019 by Centre for Sight Eye Hospital.

The talk was conducted by Dr. Saurabh Maheshwari in which he explained general eye problems, their solutions, advance treatment in eye care etc. through a presentation and compilation of illustrative videos.

The presentation and video highlighted among the corporate employees the need to blink eyes at frequent intervals, to drink enough water, and to minimize use of mobile phones, to help eyes remain lubricated and to wear spectacles regularly for those whose eyes needed refractive correction.

He highlighted many other eye problems which are faced by people at different ages, including myopia, hypermetropia, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, cataract etc. He also spoke about two procedures using which the refractive correction can be made in eyes – namely LASIK and SMILE. He explained the procedure of LASIK in detail along with a video.

“LASIK surgery requires a flap to be created over the cornea using a machine, following which the laser treatment is done to correct the vision. This is followed by placing the flap back on the cornea, the entire procedure taking not more than 30 minutes,” Dr. Maheshwari said.

He also highlighted the necessary basic requirements for a person to be eligible for the surgery.

He also explained the second procedure i.e. SMILE which includes removal of a ‘lenticule’ from the cornea to improve vision. Both the procedures were explained with demonstrative videos which piqued interest of the attendees.

This was followed by an eye check up camp for the employees in which more than 150 employees got their vision tested. The new technology and impressive success rates of the new-age procedures has resulted in more than 25 employees showing interest in opting for the LASIK surgery procedure for vision correction.

All the employees who attended the camp also got coupons for eye check up at the Centre for Sight hospital. The hospital also promised to open its doors on a Sunday – which is usually an off day – specially for CapitalVia employees, whose timing would be announced in the days preceding such arrangement. A team of four experts from the hospital conducted the camp which went on till 6pm.

The eye check up camp successfully drew the attention of all CVians towards their eye health, spreading the message of taking care of their eyes and avoiding excessive use of screens which burden the eyes. Lastly, for those who were diagnosed with a refractive correction in their eyes were urged to start wearing spectacles and take care of their eyes.

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