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Financial Planning Workshop Conducted Exclusively for CVians

26 Nov 2019

The importance of planning one’s personal finance can never by stressed enough by financial planners and advisors. It is important for people to understand how to make money work for them so that they can beat inflation and earn money through already invested money.

This important lesson was taught to select employees of CapitalVia Global Research Limited in a financial planning workshop organized by Parivartan Learning Solutions and Nippon India Mutual funds. The training session was conducted by Sandeep Tahilramaney, Arvind Sharma and Atish Jain who discussed various important aspects about investments, its purpose, various investment instruments and its returns.


During the workshop, the team explained the essential financial instruments one must have and the reasons for it. In the decreasing order of importance, the expert team highlighted that the most important components of investment are:

1. Contingency Fund:

A person must have savings such as liquid funds which would support his daily expenses for three to six months.

2. Personal Insurance:

A person’s second priority must be getting medical, accidental and life insurance in place. For this, the earner can use life insurance in the form of term insurance and accidental insurance which will be useful for covering any sudden contingency like sickness accident or death

3. Investment:

After the first two stages are complete, a person should focus on the investment phase. This can be in the form of mutual funds, equity, bonds and debentures, gold or other investment vehicles which serve different purposes.


The participants of the workshop were told about the factors which pose a direct threat to a person’s income – the largest being inflation. To beat inflation, the only solution is investments in vehicles where compounding occurs.

Compound interest works on savings over a longer duration of time and gives returns which beats all traditional returns such as Gold, Equity etc. Compounding had been explained as the 8th wonder of the world and this was explained by the trainers at the event on how an investment of Rs 4500 in SIP can lead to a total accumulated amount of over Rs. one crore.


During the workshop, the following ideal classification of income was explained by the training team:



The workshop concluded with explanation of various types of investment and saving options that a person can opt for and the pros and cons of each of those. The workshop also highlighted the necessity of starting early and keeping the financial goal in mind before choosing investment vehicle.

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