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Investment VS Investment Plus Insurance - What's Better for You?

26 Feb 2020

Insurance and Investment are two widely different but very common terms.

All of us think about protecting ourselves and our family from the unforeseen incidents such as illness, death or accidents. Not just ourselves, but we also take great pains to insure our house, our car and any other valuable assets we may have.

We have all invested in our money in some form or the other and on the other hand we all have surely bought insurance too. Both these things are mostly mutually exclusive. But what if we club both together?

When we hear about investment the first thing to pop on our mind might be stock market or mutual funds or any other type of financial investment. But this is not the case. Investments can be of various different types.

Do you own a house? That’s an investment as you invest in your accommodation independence.

Do you own a car? That’s an investment as you invest in your travel comfort.

Do you plan trips? That’s an investment in your mental health and refreshments.

There are various types of investments that we make on a daily basis. All such investments don’t necessarily provide you financial returns. For example, your car is a depreciating asset. You will surely not get the cost for which you bought your car after a year when you plan to sell it. So, along with the car, what you necessarily buy is an insurance. As per the law, it is illegal to buy a car without getting an insurance for it.

Insurance also provides you a peace of mind when you own your car as you are protected against all sort of thefts and accidental damages to your investment. However, you need to pay a premium to the insurance company every year for getting and maintaining your insurance cover.

Similarly, you can buy insurance for yourself as well as your loved ones too, which can insure you against death, accident, critical illness or hospitalization expenses. Here you are investing in yourself. In case of any unfortunate accident, the nominee will get the insured amount. But in this scenario also, you need to pay a fixed premium to insurance company for maintaining your cover.

In the modern world you can buy an insurance for almost everything that you have and own, be it a house, property, car, mobile phone or even you yourself. You get an insurance for everything. But all of these comes at a cost which is known as premium in case of insurance which you need to pay to the insurance company on an yearly or monthly frequency as per the plan you opted for.

Almost all of the millennials who have started earning are investing their money in one form of the other. Be it mutual funds or stocks or any other type of financial or non-financial investment. There is no assurance in case of investments, because investments are subject to various types pf risks be it default risk or market risk and the value of your investment can increase or even decrease with time.

Thus, the two most common expenditure in today’s lifestyle are investments and insurance. You pay premium for your insurances and after all other expenses the amount which is left with you is usually your investment capital.

But have you ever wondered what if you get your insurance for free? CapitalVia has understood your need and thus brought an exclusive offer where you get an insurance of 2 lac free by becoming our customer by simply subscribing to any of our services.

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