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Market Neuron: Better returns than a mutual fund with much more flexibility!

31 July 2019
Better returns than a mutual fund with much more flexibility!

Have you ever felt disappointed by the returns given by your mutual fund investment despite having paid a large amount to your agent for it? Have you needed the money during your lock in period and have been unable to withdraw the same? Then you must be on the look out for a product better and more transparent than mutual funds.

CapitalVia’s long term investment product Market Neuron is built just to address your requirements of a long -term investment plan clubbed with the advantage of a higher return on investment. The trailing 12-month record of CapitalVia’s top performing market neurons Value Picks, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham and Growth and Dividend speaks of a success story unparalleled in the markets inundated with mutual funds.

On a trailing 12-month basis, the market neuron research – Value Picks has given a staggering ROI of 31.83 percent, whereas the tried and tested theory by Benjamin Graham has given a ROI of 29.76 percent.

Value Picks market neuron chooses high performing stocks at low valuations to give returns. This product from its launch date till last week of July has given a staggering ROI of 201.50 percent.

Meanwhile the market neuron designed according to the trading strategy of Benjamin Graham, has given a trailing 12-month ROI of 29.76 percent. Since its inception, this product has given an ROI of 47.28 percent. The ROI given by the product High Speed Growth from launch till date has been 144 percent.

On the other hand, the top performing mutual fund of the market – HDFC Top 100 Fund has given highest performance of 7.11 percent on TTM basis. This is followed by Mirae Asset Emerging Blue-chip mutual fund which has given a ROI of 5.85 percent. These mutual funds apart from giving a comparatively lower return, also do not provide transparency to the customers purchasing the product.

Graph: 12 month returns of Neurons incomparison with top performing Mutual Funds and Nifty Mid-Cap 100 Index.

Market neuron provides customers full transparency on which stock in being purchased for what reason and the research behind it, including the company’s financial details, recent fundamental analysis of its news etc.

Other Neurons which have performed well in the past are: New India Neuron launched on January 1, 2019, Diwali Neuron launched last year, and the Election neuron for the general assembly elections in May 2019.

CapitalVia also has a plan for investment into the EV industry with the big boost given to it by the government through its measures. The investment strategies in the research are most likely to give profits keeping in mind the upward trend of this industry in markets.

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