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What is Intrday Trading: All About Day Trading Basics

What is Intraday Trading -

Intraday Trading or Poularary known as “Day Trading” is nothing more than jumping in a pond full of fishes almost every day. Some days, you’ll find a big fish but and there would be days when you may even have to return empty handed. There is also a probability to lose a part of your body while fishing as some big hungry fishes can even chew your hand and make you disabled for life time or keep you wounded at least for some days.

Basically Intraday Trading is an act of buying or selling a financial instrument within the same trade day, taking advantage of small price movements. It is a lucrative proposition in the stock market. To master the art of day trading, one requires a good deal of technical knowledge, ability and skills.

There are ample reasons to start Day Trading:

1. Except some stock it is highly liquid, one can enter and exit easily  

2. Advantage of leverage, you can control a large portfolio with around 40% of usual margin required.

3. Eliminates overnight risk, as you exit the position during the day you are not carrying any risk of increase in volatility arises due to overnight change of global sentiment.

4. Profits and losses are supercharged and fast.

However, one need to understand that although it appears easy, it can be a really challenging endeavor unless handle professionally.

How to select a best stock for intraday trading:

Compare a stock with the benchmark index. Never go against the market trend. Always trade in the direction of the market. You also need to find stocks that is strong.

You can use a basis technical analysis tool like, trend lines or moving averages. It can be a good guide to understand the next move and level of breakout.

Always try to trade on a fine trend line breakout with a consolidation. Sometimes pullback sharply after a breakout. Make sure, you book your profit at the right time. Prompt action is advisable.

What can go wrong and how we can ensure to avoid the same  

Calmness and patience is the key.

Every coin has two sides to it, one is good, and another is bad. Intraday trading has proved to be a fairy-tale for some, but for some it can be worse than a nightmare.

Highly volatile markets bring high liquidity but the same can be a reason for high risk. One must follow strict rules to become a successful day trader. Fear and greed both can be reason to loss.

Here are some tips before you start intraday trading:

1. Start small, focus on minimum targets you can achieve.

2. It requires time. Make sure you are focused and dedicate full time to the market.

3. Avoid penny stocks and prefer liquidity.

4. Knowledge is the power, keep enhancing your knowledge about the market and stocks.

5. Follow all the rules blindly.

6. If unable to analyze the stock, take help from an expert.

We at CapitalVia, provide some good products for intraday traders.

If you are adequately capitalized, having a capital around 2 lacs and want to take moderate to high risk. We recommend ‘Stock Future Service, a product where a trader gets 2-3 Future recommendations daily and with risk reward ration of 1:1.5, ROI on daily basis.

If you are beginner in intraday trading, we recommend you try our “Stock Cash Service” where you can expect 2-3 intraday recommendation with consistent accuracy and healthy risk to reward ratio.

On the other hand, ‘Commodity Pack’ is product in which we provide almost 2-3 recommendations per day and it contains recommendations from all the nine counters of MCX.

Hopefully, you will walk away from this with a better understanding of risks, rewards, and reality.

It would be great if you give us a chance to explain how you can start a part time income stream trading on intraday basis.

We will be happy to help you if you call: +91-80859-99333 or mail us: support@capitalvia.com.

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