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25 Oct 2019

In the stock markets, there are mainly three types of companies based on their market capitalization –large cap, small cap and mid-caps. While there is no exact criteria for these categories, the rough estimates are that companies with market capitalization of more than 10,000 crore Rupees are considered to be large cap companies. Whereas companies below this figure fall under the category of mid-caps and small caps.

Large cap companies are always considered to be the sturdy ones in the market and are less risky as compared to small caps and mid-caps. The returns you can get from these companies are moderate but safe. The large cap companies which have a strong market presence and affect the market with their every movement and are some of the most sought-after stocks.

On the other hand, the mid cap segment is the segment which has a high potential to give returns and are those which are set to take on the center stage as the large cap companies in future. These companies may not be very safe from investment point of view as they are affected quite strongly when the bear take charge of the markets. On the other hand, during a bull phase, mid-cap stocks may outperform their large-cap counterparts, as these companies seek to expand by looking out for suitable growth opportunities.

There may be some stocks in the mid-cap section which may not be popular among the trading and investing community, but which have the perfect foundation of giving a sound return. These kinds of stocks work silently to boost their worth and value becoming multibaggers in a shorter span of time.

It can be very difficult to track such stocks as it takes a keen study of the company’s fundamentals, industry requirements, investment on innovation and development, business model etc. to predict movement of its stock prices.

Research analysts at CapitalVia Global Research Limited have been doing the same for their new product - Dark Horse Market Neuron which is a compilation of seven stocks from the mid-caps segment handpicked specifically for the investors looking for the dark horses in the race of the markets.

The Dark Horse launched by CapitalVia in October 2019 is the third part of a series of such portfolio. The first Dark Horse launched in August 2017 had given a return of 21.10%*, with some stocks in the portfolio giving return on as much as 82%* within a span of six months.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your dark horse now!

*All data presented here is based on our past performance.

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