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The importance of “investing in relations”

14 Feb 2020

In the modern world, we can see many people achieving great heights in their lives. Be it career, financial stability, individual identity, they seem to have it all. But the reality may not always be the same as the illusion.

Earlier, people had limited income, no competition and simple living. But in those days, people had time for their families and friends.

Do you remember, the last time you had a random talk with your friends or planned an impromptu dinner with your parents? We are so occupied with our lives that we don’t have time to call our friends and relatives on special occasions like birthdays. All we do is, drop a post or message on social media platforms and that’s it.

The bond between people is depleting due to this. Distances have started developing in families which is an alarming situation, because at some point in your life, you will need your family and social relations. Every individual should take out time from their busy schedule for their parents, siblings and friends.

Invest in your Relations

On this Valentine’s Day, it is necessary to understand that you need to invest in your relations too, because financial stability is not all you need from life. Your monetary investments provide you returns and that is probably the sole objective of investment. Right? Your investment in the form of time to your relations and friends will also definitely provide you returns in the form of mental support.

After a hectic day at work, have a cup of coffee with your friends. You will notice that all the tension and stress will just vanish. Call an old friend sometime for general chitchat and you will probably find a stressbuster. Plan a dinner with your family and loved ones and you will feel refreshed and motivated. It would also help you in maintaining a bond with them. This doesn’t mean that you should not focus on your work or career, because they too hold importance in your life.  

At CapitalVia, we believe in building relations and thus, have our customers on priority. Your financial investment may provide you returns, because there is always some sort of risk associated with investment. But in case of your investment in relations, they will definitely provide you returns and benefits in one form or the other.

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