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Movie, Multiplex, Money and Thematic Investment

“Thematic investing is about capitalizing on future trends"  -Towers Watson  

Once upon a time we use to enjoy watching movies in single screen movie halls.  

 Where are those halls now?  Multiplex has taken place of that. 

And we are sure you don't wish to visit a non AC single screen movie hall this weekend (Do they still exist?) 

 The trend has changed.  

 How can we benefit from these kind of trend changes? Is there a way to make money out of this change?  

 Let's see what type of trend change is most likely.  

Technological trend: 

One of the changes that come to our notice first are the technological changes. Yes, all the examples coming to your mind are right. But all those changes have taken place. If we can identify any technological changes that are likely to happen in the future, we can be financially benefited from the same via thematic investing.  

Social Trend: 

Population below the age of 30 will be highest in India by 2020. It will bring a massive change in the consumption pattern of the country’s population. Don't you think we should try to benefit by investing in those companies which will cater this growing category of the population?  

Political Trend:

With the change of political power, new developments emerge. We have witnessed Demonetization recently. This I believe you will agree with, that this took place because we have Modi led government in the central. Do you know that we already have a product on Demonetization that you can invest in?  

Resource Trend: 

Resources that are scarce might become extremely valuable if they are essential. We can focus on green energies such as wind farms or solar technologies, figuring that an inevitable transition to more sustainable energy will make these sectors more profitable.  

 So when you will enjoy your favourite movie this weekend just keep it in mind there are others outside the movie hall invested already in the theme called "luxury". 

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