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Top 3 Water Conservation Techniques That Can Help You Refine Your Investment Strategy

27 July 2019

Lower rains, depleting ground water levels and shrinking rivers have always been a cause of concern for the world. Techniques of water conservation which can remedy the situation are in vogue and should be so since the life on the planet would vanish without this one quintessential component – Water. These techniques can also aid your investment strategies.

As a matter of concern, India holds 4% of the world’s freshwater but 16% of the global population. India has had a deficit monsoon in 13 of the last 18 years. Along the same lines, this year’s monsoon pattern in many parts of the country highlights an alarming situation which has grabbed immediate attention of one and all. While there are many hacks and homely suggestions for saving water, the ones which are done on a large scale are rainwater harvesting, water recycling using treating plants and using water efficient plumbing fixtures.

If we were to compare these three instruments with investments, there could be some interesting results to arrive at. Let’s have a look at its features.  

Rainwater harvesting

This has been a traditional form of conserving water since ages in water deficient areas. There are two ways to conserve rainwater- one by collecting it in an underwater tank and utilizing it for daily use, and secondly by recharging ground water using the rainwater. A rainwater harvesting filter utilizes the water collected on roofs during rains and filters them before letting it percolate into the ground directly. While some other devices put the water in an underground tank from where it can later be accessed.

Take away

These devices can be compared to the SIPs and Fixed deposits in bank where the money received in the form of incomes is stored at a fixed place for being used in future. While storing water in an underground tank can be compared with a bank deposit or a savings account which can be withdrawn at any time. Meanwhile the water recharging of ground water level using a rainwater harvesting filter can be compared to an SIP or a mutual fund which has a lock in period and reaps benefits in long run like in summers when water levels deplete.

Using Water efficient bathroom fixtures

A water efficient bathroom fixture helps a person in using the water available in a more efficient manner. While the water will continue to be used, it will be used judiciously and hence will help in gradually saving water over the years. This can also fix immediate problems such as water leakages and wastage of water which may lead to bloated water bills.

Take away

This can be directly linked to stock market trading with the help of an expert advice . People generally incur losses in the stock market due to trading without proper guidance. Taking advise from an informed person who studies the ins and outs of the stock market can help one save on their money just like a water efficient fixture would help in saving water from getting wasted.

Water Recycling and treatments

In this form of water conservation, we do not use the water from the bore wells, rain, river, lakes or any other water source, instead we utilize water which has already been used and then recycle it to be used again. This can be the water which is discarded as waste from Reverse Osmosis purifiers or the sewage water which can be treated for reuse in flushing toilets. The amount of water which we receive might be limited, but this water will always be there, waiting to be tapped into and recycled.

Take away

In the world of investments, the water recycling can be compared to debt securities like bonds. The money put into debt securities is not for the ownership of the company but to lend money to the company. Just like the debt market, which is greater in size than the equity markets internationally, the amount of recycled water we can get with proper treatment plants and set ups can be more than the freshwater we can get. Also, just like in case of an adverse situation where bondholders are paid before the stockholders, in case of adverse water shortage, recycled water can help a great deal for daily water use, excluding drinking or potable water needs.

Key take aways

Irrespective of whether it is water or money, one must be careful while using it. Even though water is a renewable resource, if not handled carefully it can become a non-renewable resource at that location. The water crisis in Chennai has garnered attention from the whole country and even after the onset of monsoon, the reservoirs remain dry. Thus, the danger of running out of water is much more critical and should be addressed with dedicated and persistent efforts at all levels. In the same way, investment strategies need to be fine-tuned to the market and it’s performance to reap the benefits of long term investments.

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