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Why to start investments in stock market from Muhurat trading?

Well that’s a good question but before talking about why, one should first know what “Muhurat Trading” is ?

In trading communities of the north India, the new financial year begins with Diwali. During this time puja is performed to accounts books on Dhanteras as well as on Diwali day to signify the beginning of a new year. Coin - a significance of wealth - is placed on the account books before the puja. Stock brokers perform 'Lakshmi Puja' at the exchange and the customary Muhurat trading takes place.

Diwali – A mark for the beginning of the New Year is believed to be an auspicious day which brings in wealth and prosperity throughout the year. On this day it is believed that Goddess Lakshmi showers her blessing, therefore any buy or sell trading will bring good fortune in the upcoming year.

Rather than believing on mythical stuff lets go with the facts of Muhurat trading?

The image above shows the importance of Muhurat trading as nifty has shown a tremendous movement in just 10 Months after Diwali, thus making the life of trader more grandeur.

Well the Samvat 2073 of Indian stock markets has shown fresh record high and all expectations are that Samvat 2074 will also not disappoint investors. The benchmark indices are likely to hit new records in the next 6 months but investors are advised to stay with quality stocks. Investors are even advised to handpick stocks which can generate market‐beating returns. This portfolio should be well-balanced to provide superior returns, without any unnecessary risk.

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